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You will find photos of all types of animals like birds, birds of prey,  alligators, dolphins, manatees; nature like trees, plants, flowers; landscapes like beaches, land, streets, buildings, architecture, waterscapes, sunrises, sunsets, sky, moon; events like baby showers, baptisms, First Communion; weddings where I second shoot with other wedding photographers; and portraits like self portraits, family, maternity, engagements and more.

Prints are available for purchase on selected galleries (nature, landscapes, flowers, animals). Prints of events and portraits are only available for those clients in the photos.  Click on the photo you are interested in for a print and click buy. If you don't see a photo or print size you want, feel free to email your request to: anagarciaphotos@gmail.com

If you want a session like one of these, email anagarciaphotos@gmail.com for information on a customized photoshoot for you.

I would totally sail off into the sunrise on a morning like this with that boat.

Please do not download/save photos nor print at other labs without permission.
Please email me if you have any questions.

GoPro View of Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island Florida

Kayaking in Fort Lauderdale Florida

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